The Stalker

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"The Stalker"
The Stalker cover
Album track by AM Radio
Album Reactive
Released February 25, 2007
Length 3:05
Label Polydor Japan
Universal Distribution
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Status Officially released
Reactive track listing
"Pretty Stupid"
"The Stalker"
"Becoming You"

"The Stalker" is the sixth track from AM Radio's second album, "Reactive."





I'll never let you go
Even though we're broken up
I'm so obsessed with you
I'll follow anywhere

Ooo it's never over
Ooo until I let you go

I'll show up at the clubs
That I know you go to
I'll be there by myself
Hoping to run into you

No matter what you do
You could never stop me
From coming out to you
Even if you don't want me

And you just lead me on
For so many nights
That you won't get away
From me this time

I'll never let you go
I'll never give you up
I'll never walk away
Even though you said stop

I know you think you are
A superstar
And you're too good for me
Yeah, I know you are

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