The Visions 100 Anniversary-Compilation

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The Visions #100 Anniversary-Compilation
The Visions #100 Anniversary-Compilation cover
Compilation album by various
Released 2001
Recorded various
Genre Electronic, rock

The Visions #100 Anniversary-Compilation is a promotional CD released with the 100th issue of the German music magazine Visions. The Weezer song "The Christmas Song" appears on the compilation. Weezer also performed at the issue's release party on June 21 of that year.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Sailin' On" (Moby) 3:31
2. "Gimme Gimme Gimme" (Therapy?) 2:38
3. "Extracurricular" (At the Drive-In) 4:00
4. "Back to School (Live)" (Deftones) 3:54
5. "I Suffer Rock" (dEUS) 2:36
6. "Christmas Song" (Weezer) 3:08
7. "Your House (Demo)" (Jimmy Eat World) 3:30
8. "Flick of the Wrist" (Motorpsycho) 8:51
9. "Computer Age" (Sonic Youth) 5:13
10. "Little Mo" (Placebo) 3:01
11. "Cat Scratch Fever" (Pantera) 3:50
12. "Flushings" (Helmet) 2:34
13. "Toybox" (Soundgarden) 5:31
14. "Pardon Me (Acoustic)" (Incubus) 3:46

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