Time Song

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"Time Song"
Demo by Matt Sharp
Format Live Performance
Writer(s) Matt Sharp, Rivers Cuomo
Status MP3 and Video Circulating

"Time Song" is a song written by Matt Sharp.


"Time Song" is first known to have been performed live by Sharp at solo shows in 2003 while touring his EP and then-upcoming solo record. The song is known to have been performed at a concert in Nashville in October of that year.

In February of 2004, Sharp and Rivers Cuomo rekindled their friendship in what Sharp described as a "quick and explosive creative period", working together on "15 to 16 new song ideas." Originally the two considered releasing a record of the new material, but nothing came of it due to what Sharp described as their "special brand of dysfunctionality." Sharp and Cuomo publicly reunited at a Matt Sharp concert at California State University, Fullerton on February 12, 2004. Sharp and Cuomo performed "Time Song" together, with Sharp introducing it as "one of the first ideas we started working on together". This performance included a new bridge sung (and presumably co-written) by Cuomo.


Live performance

Jack Mergist cover

Jack Mergist (who co-created the Homie tribute album in 2009), released a studio cover of "Time Song" in 2008.


A year and a day passes with ease
I’ve got five-year flashes without memory
A time song
Well, it’s an empty song

Syllables come like paragraphs
This novel just can’t get past it’s first draft
The time song
Well it’s a patient song

Ah, now
Time song
The empty song
Time song
The patient song
Time song
Rolling on and on and on

A voice at the front door is asking
How far do you have to go
And the answer is close
But time song
Well, it’s the endless song

Ah, now
Time song
It’s an endless song
Time song
Rolling on
Time song
It goes on and on and on

And every day starts out the same
I comb my hair and wash my face
I change my shirt, then drift into the afternoon
And when the day is finally through
There’s so much left I need to do
But then I close my eyes and let it slip away


Time song
The only song
Time song
It’s a lonely song
Time song
Rolling on
Time song (Do-do-do-do)

Earlier verse, October 23, 2003

Alright, now
I guess I feel more loyal
But more loyal to what? More loyal to who?
What's Time Song loyal to?

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