Undone - The Sweater Song Billboard Magazine track review

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"Undone - The Sweater Song"
Undone - The Sweater Song cover
Single by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Blue Album)
Released September 24, 1994
Reviewer Billboard Magazine
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Weezer (The Blue Album)

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Undone - The Sweater Song
Reviewer: Larry Flick (Billboard Magazine)
Publishing date: September 24, 1994
No rating given

This kooky song about a sweater is already getting lots of airplay at modern rock. Fragments of strange conversations mingle with an acoustic opening and sedate vocal. The party soon rages into a loud burst of grunge, then resumes the wacky verbiage. The result is catchy -in a twisted, dysfunctional kind of way. Put it in high cycle.[Note 1]

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  1. Larry Flick's "Single Reviews" page included many short blurbs, some of which received a "Critic's Choice" star. "Undone" was given this.