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W.I.N. Records

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W.I.N. Records (or Waldo International Network) was a Los Angeles, California based record label


W.I.N. Records was independently owned and operated by Devin Sarno and Tom Grimley. The company was formed in 1989 as an avenue to release records by their band Waldo The Dog Faced Boy (the first release being Waldo's "Gifts Of Finest Wheat" LP.)

Roughly around 1993, it was decided to expand operations and offer up the label's services to other like minded bands the first guinea pigs being Dogstar (later to become Charles Brown Superstar) with their self-titled 7".

The label strove to maintain a musical "collective" with its roster. (If you check liner notes closely, you'll often find that W.I.N. artists collaborated on each others recordings.) Over the course of a decade, WIN released upwards of 30 recordings (ranging from 7", 10" & 12" vinyl, cassette, & CD formats)....most of which were recorded at Grimley's own Poop Alley Studios.

W.I.N. Records ceased operations in 1999.

Friends/Artists/Comrades who made up the W.I.N. roster included:

  • Aloha Wednesday
  • Benett
  • Beth Capper
  • The Centimeters
  • Charles Brown Superstar
  • Chika Chika
  • Nels Cline + Devin Sarno
  • CRIB
  • CUT
  • Danny Frankel
  • Petra Haden
  • Lynn Johnston
  • The Magic Pacer
  • Miss Murgatroid
  • Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden
  • Polar Goldie Cats
  • Recess
  • Rod Poole
  • Solid Eye
  • Speculum Fight
  • that dog.
  • The Uphill Gardeners
  • Upsilon Acrux
  • Waldo The Dog Faced Boy
  • Jen Wood

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