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Weeze is a fictional band, created for use in the "Perfect Situation" music video as a precursor to Weezer. The band was likely devised by the music video's director, Marc Webb[citation needed].


We made two of our best videos, I think, for the singles “We Are All On Drugs” and “Perfect Situation”. We took these projects as artistic challenges and worked really hard. I pushed myself particularly in the domain of acting—which I’d completely shied away from since childhood.[1]

- Rivers Cuomo, [citation needed]

Elisha Cuthbert starred in the music video as Weeze's unnamed lead vocalist, with Pat Wilson, Scott Shriner, and Brian Bell all filling the roles that they actually hold in Weezer. Rivers Cuomo plays the band's shy roadie, a role he invested a significant amount of effort into[1]. The video portrays a number of arguments between Cuthbert's character and the rest of the band, leading to her walking off stage mid-song. Cuomo's character takes over as vocalist to finish the song, winning over the crowd. This prompts the band's merch staffer (played by Karl Koch) to begin adding the letter "r" to the band's shirts, renaming them Weezer.

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