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Weezer's current lineup, left to right:
Pat Wilson, Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner, Brian Bell
Background information
Alias Goat Punishment
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1992 - present
Genre(s) Power pop, Alternative rock, Pop/rock, Emo (debated)
Label(s) Geffen (1993-2010)
Epitaph (2010)
Republic Records (2014)
Crush Music/Atlantic Records (2015-present)
Website www.weezer.com
Current Members
Rivers Cuomo
Patrick Wilson
Brian Bell
Scott Shriner
Former Members
Jason Cropper
Matt Sharp
Mikey Welsh

Weezer is a rock band founded in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp, and Jason Cropper. With the creative and technical support of Karl Koch, the band coalesced in the west side of Los Angeles in 1991. They had their first rehearsal in February of 1992 and began booking gigs in clubs on the Sunset Strip a few weeks later. In the context of Nirvana's rapid cultural and commercial rise, Geffen Records A&R representative Todd Sullivan signed the band on the strength of what he later described as their sincerity[citation needed][Notes 1], despite their having a relatively small following[citation needed] and having played less than 75 shows[1]. Mykel and Carli Allan saw the band live in July of 1992, striking up a friendship with the band that would eventually lead to the sisters founding the Weezer Fan Club[Notes 2].

Two months after being signed, the band flew to New York City and recorded their 1994 debut Weezer, known semi-officially as "The Blue Album." The high-stakes environment of a major label recording session, produced by Ric Ocasek, saw the band seeking to intentionally simplify their sound, combining influences from top 40 pop, art-rock, hair metal, and progressive rock[citation needed] into a consonant, economical power pop. Cuomo took a very assertive role during the sessions, altering what had previously been a more collaborative relationship among band members. Near the end of the recording sessions, he fired guitarist Jason Cropper under circumstances that have never been made fully public. The band replaced him with Brian Bell, a bassist in the LA-area progressive rock band Carnival Art that they had crossed paths with only a few times.


  1. Sullivan wrote a thing for the Blue Deluxe that says this.
  2. What did M+C do when they weren't being weezer fans?