What Is This I Find?

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"What Is This I Find?"
What Is This I Find? cover
Demo by Weezer
Album Songs from the Black Hole
Released Unreleased
Recorded February 1995 in Hamburg Germany)
Length 1:20
Label DGC Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 209
Producer(s) Weezer
Status Released
Professional reviews
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"What Is This I Find?"
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"What Is This I Find?" is the final song on tracklist 2 of Songs from the Black Hole and the fourteenth track on Alone III: The Pinkerton Years 1994-1997.



In the narrative of the story, the character Jonas returns to Maria only to learn of her infidelity when he discovers a used "extra-huge" condom belonging to his shipmate, Dondó (previously established as having "a big dick").


  • Rivers Cuomo – lead guitar, lead vocals, percussion, rhythm guitar, bass guitar


Weezer Songblog Teenage Victory Songs marked this song with the distinction of "The Grand Playlist," a collection that recognizes Weezer's just-below-best material.


What is this I find
Under your behind?
Extra huge, and it's used
I wonder which two of us best of friends opened and used it?

Jonas, you know I waited (Oh, I threw away)
Waited 'til I couldn't take it (Your loving kindness)
I was alone, he called on the phone (I took you for granted)
And gave me the love you wouldn't (I'm all alone)

The only one I know (Think of the times we loved)
Who fits is our Dondó (Think of the child we have)
Extra-huge, (Love would come true)
And it's used (If I could undo)
I know which two of us (what you)
Best of friends opened and used it (made me do)

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