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All Areas Vol. 15

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All Areas Vol. 15
All Areas Vol. 15 cover
Compilation album by various
Released 2001
Recorded various
Label Visions magazine

All Areas Vol. 15 is a promotional CD released with the 98th issue of the German music magazine Visions. The Weezer song "Photograph" appears on the compilation.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Photograph" (Weezer) 2:19
2. "So Far Away" (Stabbing Westward) 4:12
3. "Always: Your Way" (My Vitriol) 3:52
4. "Buck Rogers" (Feeder) 3:11
5. "Walking Barefoot" (Ash) 4:14
6. "Do It Again" (Boiler Room) 3:44
7. "Cypress Tree" (The Black Crowes) 3:43
8. "Leader of Men" (Nickelback) 3:31
9. "Actionist Respoke" (Mouse on Mars) 4:46
10. "Der Spiegel" (Studio Braun) 1:43
11. "Fist Fight" (Estate) 4:20
12. "Häuser Der Reichen" (Pascow) 1:27
13. "Shake Me" (Suicide Chicken) 5:15
14. "Grace" (Ruby) 3:30


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