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Photograph cover
Single by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Green Album)
Released May 15, 2001
Format CD
Recorded December 2000, Cello Studios, Los Angeles, California
Length 2:19
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 536
COR# 217
Producer Ric Ocasek
Status Officially released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Jewish Cat"
(RC# 523)
"If You Want It"
(RC# 524)
(RC# 525)
Weezer singles chronology
"Island in the Sun"
"Dope Nose"
Weezer (The Green Album) track listing
"Don't Let Go"
"Hash Pipe"

"Photograph" is the second song and third single from Weezer's 2001 album, The Green Album.


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Originally known as "If You Want It", "Photograph" was released in Japan as the lead-off promo single for The Green Album, which differs from the US's "Hash Pipe." The song enjoyed only modest success on the radio, peaking at #17 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.

There are two alternate mixes floating around on the internet. The first to crop up was an extended, unmastered version that leaked before the album's release along with thirteen other Green sessions tracks. This version, clocking in at nearly three minutes, features a verse that was cut out of the final edit. Also, there is an alternate mix of the song from the initial Japanese promo CDs, featuring an edited intro, and no applause at the end.

During many live shows in 2005, the band would close out their first set by having drummer Patrick Wilson take lead vocals and guitar on "Photograph", while Rivers Cuomo played drums. Most of the time the band would do a medley of "Photograph" and the Blur song "Song 2."

Music Video

The music video for the song is notable for being directed by webmaster and longtime friend of the band Karl Koch. It consists of footage shot while the band was touring for The Green Album. Among the notable footage is Cuomo playing soccer, guitarist Brian Bell attempting to skateboard and juggle (not at the same time), Wilson riding a Razor Scooter, a brief clip of the duo from Tenacious D running onstage during a Weezer show and a scene with Cuomo playing a prank on new bassist Scott Shriner. Interestingly enough, although Mikey Welsh plays bass and sings backup vocals on the studio recording, Shriner is in the video, as Welsh had left the band at that point. During the very end of the video, when Cuomo is playing the prank on Shriner, a demo of "Death and Destruction" can be heard in the background. This song would later surface on the band's next album, 2002's Maladroit. The video is featured on Video Capture Device, the band's DVD.


Radio Only Promo CD

  1. "Photograph" (Radio Edit) - 2:12

Japan Retail CD

  1. "Photograph" - 2:19
  2. "Christmas Celebration" - 2:22



If you want it you can have it
But you gotta learn to reach out there and grab it
'Cause everybody wants some love (oh baby)
Shooting from the stars above (oh baby)
And though my heart will break there's more that I can take
I could never get enough

If you need it you should show it
'Cause you might play so monastic that you blow it
'Cause everybody wants some hope (oh baby)
Something they can barely know (oh baby)
And though my heart will break there's more that I can take
I could never let it go

It's in the photograph
It's in the photograph
It's in the photograph of love

'Cause everybody wants a dream
Something they can barely see
And though my heart will break there's more that I can take
I can never let it be

If you blew it, don't reject it
Just keep drawing up the plans and re-erect it

Early leak extra lyrics

Darling you know for sure
If all your love is pure
I won't be letting go this time

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