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This category organizes all of the songs that have been featured on the Main Page of Weezerpedia as Featured Songs. There are similar pages for Weezerpedia's Featured Articles, Featured Images, and Featured Videos.

Current Featured Song

Featured song: Play on spotify.png "Getting Up and Leaving"

Pinkerton Deluxe.png
"Getting Up and Leaving" is a once unreleased Weezer song written in 1993 by Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson. It appeared on Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition) in 2010.

Weezer first recorded the song as a live demo during a Blue Album pre-production session with Ric Ocasek at S.I.R. Studios in New York on November 8, 1993. Later, in the summer of 1996, a studio version was recorded but never finished during the Pinkerton sessions at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. Along with "I Swear It's True", the song was designated for release on a retail "Pink Triangle" CD single in 1997 which, unfortunately, was never released.

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