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About me
Icon - Globe.png I live in Baltimore, MD.
Icon - Vinyl record.png My favorite album is Songs From The Black Hole.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams.
Aboutme - Collector.jpg I'm a collector.
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am ANTI-moustache.
Aboutme - FUNKe PFP.png I got into this band because of FUNKe.
Aboutme - Rock Concert.jpg I`ve been to 0 Weezer concerts. (🤞 for Hella Mega this year)

Relatively new fan of the band so I don't got the cred a lot of people here do, but I live for buying and chronicling the physical releases of their music that have surfaced over the years (Official or Unofficial). My virginity (funny weezer joke) can be attributed to the YouTuber FUNKe's constant usage and mentioning of Weezer songs, along with the Teal and White albums.

What I Do Here

I edit one page, and one page only

(actually wait now its this page)

Album Ranking

Obligatory but necessary section. From favorite to least favorite, it's:

- Six Hits (Only the Mexican CD release)
- Pinkerton
- White
- Blue (Sorry, more personal connection to the previous three. If B-Sides counted, this would be #2)
- Ok Human
- Red
- Maladroit (Below Red only because I can only remember the name of maybe 2 songs? Listenable but unmemorable)
- Green
- Hurley (Lowest album I still enjoy listening to)
- Death to False Metal
- Teal
- Make Believe
- Pacific Daydream (Not last ONLY because of QB Blitz and Sweet Mary)
- Black

I have never once listened to Raditude in full. Not out of spite or because the album is bad, I just haven't gotten around to it


Officially Released


Most Wanted



...Mikey is standing in front of a big display of weezer bootlegs. Lots of them.
On sale. In a store. Legally. funny laws they got there in Japan...(the first Tokyo show was on sale there already!!)

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