September Demo + February Demo

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September Demo + February Demo
September Demo + February Demo cover
Unofficial bootleg by The Special Goodness
Released unknown
Format 12" vinyl
Recorded September 2001, February 2002
Label unknown

September Demo + February Demo is an unofficial Special Goodness bootleg vinyl. The year of release and label are unknown. It contains the September 2001 and February 2002 Special Goodness demo sessions. It is the only known Special Goodness bootleg release, though some of the band's songs feature on the Goat Punishment bootleg CD-R.

Track listing

"September Demo" (side A)
No. Title Length
1. "In the Sun"    
2. "Move It Along"    
3. "The Big Idea"    
4. "Life Goes By"    
5. "In The Autumn"    
6. "Oops, I Did It Again"    
"February Demo" (side B)
No. Title Length
1. "Pay No Mind"    
2. "Inside Your Heart"    
3. "Say It"    
4. "You Know I'd Like"    
5. "It's Only Natural"    
6. "Didn't Have a Clue"    


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