Goat Punishment (bootleg)

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Goat Punishment
Goat Punishment cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released unknown
Recorded various
Label Play It Loud

Goat Punishment is an unlicensed CD-R bootleg released by the label Play It Loud at some point during or after 2001.


The bootleg, titled after Weezer's retired pseudonym Goat Punishment, is a compilation of numerous obscure demos and live recordings from Weezer and some of its related acts, including the Special Goodness, the Space Twins, Southern Fried Swing, and Suburban Advantage. Information regarding the release is sparse; only blurry photohraphs of the disc and art exist online.

The release contains numerous erroneous names and song titles, including "Brian Hall" (Brian Bell), "Mickey Walsh" (Mikey Welsh), "Godness Of Love" ("Goddess of Love"), etc. Despite these discrepancies, however, the bootleg contains a sizeable number of rare songs and demos. The disc contains three performances by the Special Goodness and three demos from Southern Fried Swing which are no longer publicly available on the internet. It can be assumed the bootleg was constructed using files shared online between fans.

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