San Hosey

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"San Hosey"
song by Southern Fried Swing
Recorded 2001
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status unreleased

"San Hosey" is an unreleased song by Southern Fried Swing.


"San Hosey" is one of the Southern Fried Swing songs listed in the duo's page on the Amorphous Records website. It is shown as being slated for the group's second album, however, a second album was never released, meaning this song (along with the others listed alongside it) remain unreleased and unheard. It is dated 2001.

The song is listed as the 17th track of a Goat Punishment Bootleg CDr, however the means by which the bootlegger acquired the song remain unknown, and copies of the CDr are uncommon, with audio rips not being widely available anywhere online.


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