How Many Minutes

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"How Many Minutes"
How Many Minutes cover
Compilation track by Karlophone
Released January 2006
Format CD-R
Length 0:30
Label Y-Y-Y
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status officially released

"How Many Minutes" is a song created by Karlophone for the 2006 compilation album Amazon Grace.


Amazon Grace was a compilation album released by the Swiss label Y-Y-Y featuring 77 artists, each of which submitted a single song under 30 seconds with the goal of subverting the limited song previews found on many online music retailing websites (such as Amazon, hence the compilation's title). The DJ Kid Chocolat, who co-founded Y-Y-Y and who had worked with Karlophone numerous times in the past, invited him to contribute a song to the album.[1]

"How Many Minutes" has not appeared on any other Karlophone release, however it was posted onto his YouTube channel in 2011.


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