Brisk American

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Brisk American
Brisk American cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released 2002
Format CD
Length 62:11
Label Wonder Boy Records

Brisk American is an unofficial live Weezer bootleg released by the Japanese bootlegging label Wonder Boy Records in 2002. The album features two live Weezer performances, with one being under the Goat Punishment moniker.


The track listing of Brisk American contains a large amount of errors. Due to Wonder Boy Records being a Japanese label, it is most likely that some titles were lost in translation, or named accidentally (such as "Island in the Sun" being listed as "Island let go", presumably an error caused by copying text from the previous track, "Don't Let Go").

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Burndt Jam" ("Burndt Jamb") 2:34
2. "Photograph"   2:15
3. "Zepp song" ("Zep Jamb") 2:40
4. "Don't let go"   3:11
5. "Island let go" ("Island in the Sun") 3:39
6. "American gigolo"   3:00
7. "Crab"   2:42
8. "High up above"   1:56
9. "Hash pipe"   3:23
10. "Take Control"   3:39
11. "Knock down drag out"   2:23
12. "Undone" ("Undone - The Sweater Song") 4:14
13. "Buddy Holly"   3:12
14. "Surfwax America" ("Surf Wax America") 3:52
15. "Glorious Day"   2:49
16. "So Low"   3:07
17. "Fall Together"   2:11
18. "Smile"   2:43
19. "Change the world"   1:50
20. "Hash Pipe"   4:12
21. "We Go Together"   2:28
Total length:

Tracks 1-14 were recorded during the Southside Festival in Neuhausen, Germany on June 23, 2001.

Tracks 15-21 were recorded at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, California on October 24, 2001 under the Goat Punishment moniker.



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