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スコット と リバース
スコット と リバース cover
Studio album by Scott & Rivers
Released March 20, 2013
Format CD, digital
Genre J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative rock
Length 45:27
Label Delicious Deli Records
Producer(s) Cameron Webb, Shawn Everett, Daniel Brummel, Josh Alexander, Ben Moody, Allan Grigg, Marc McClusky, Greg Wells
Scott & Rivers chronology
Scott & Rivers
(スコット と リバース)
Singles from スコット と リバース
  1. "Homely Girl"
    Released: January 16, 2013
Alternate Cover
Deluxe edition
Deluxe edition

Scott & Rivers (Japanese: スコット と リバース, Sukotto to Ribāsu) is the eponymous debut album by pop/rock duo Scott & Rivers. It was released in Japan on March 20, 2013.


Rivers Cuomo first mentioned his intent to release a Japanese-language solo album in 2009, when he uploaded in-progress demos of a song written with songwriter Shusui to the website Indaba Music, offering $208 for somebody to produce a better demo of the music[1] (Cuomo, at this time, had recently suffered cracked ribs and internal bleeding following a bus accident).[2][3] Cuomo indicated that this song (which later became "Homely Girl") was intended for a solo project tentatively titled The Kumamoto Kid (Japanese: ザ クマモトキッド, named for the city of Kumamoto, where Cuomo's wife, Kyoko, was born).

Some time later, Cuomo was joined by musician Scott Murphy. Said Cuomo, "Somebody at Weezer's record company introduced us after I told them that I was looking for a Japanese speaking gaijin collaborator."[4]

Two physical versions of the album were released: a standard CD, and a deluxe edition which included a bonus DVD. A follow-up album, Nimaime, was released in 2015.

Track listing

Standard edition
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Break Free"  Rivers Cuomo/Scott Murphy/David Hall Hodges/Steve McMorranCameron Webb 3:30
2. "Homely Girl"  Cuomo/ShusuiShawn Everett 3:29
3. "Freakin' Love My Life"  Cuomo/Murphy/Kevin Rudolf/Jacob 'JKash' Hindlin/Jeff HalavacsEverett 3:23
4. "Okashii Yatsu" (おかしいやつ)Cuomo/Murphy/Dan WilsonEverett/Daniel Brummel 3:03
5. "Asa wa Chikai" (朝は近い)Cuomo/Kyoko Cuomo/Kanzo Takemori/Takuya Harada/JUNKOOEverett/Brummel 4:24
6. "Owari no Nai Kono Uta" (終わりのないこの詩)Cuomo/Murphy/Billy Steinberg/Josh AlexanderJosh Alexander 3:32
7. "Tooku Hanarete mo" (遠く離れても)Cuomo/Murphy/Ben MoodyEverett/Brummel/Ben Moody 4:14
8. "I Need Somebody"  Cuomo/Murphy/ShusuiEverett/Brummel 3:55
9. "Hajikeru" (はじける)Cuomo/Murphy/Allan Grigg/Sheppard SolomonAllan Grigg 3:25
10. "Hodokete Itanda" (ほどけていたんだ)Cuomo/Murphy/Claude KellyMurphy/Marc McClusky 3:25
11. "Butterfly"  Kaera Kimura/Atsushi SuemitsuEverett/Brummel 4:12
12. "Kimi to Futari de" (君と二人で)Cuomo/Murphy/Greg Wells/Adam LambertGreg Wells 3:57
Total length:

Bonus DVD content:

  1. Scott & Rivers の ゆく年 くる年 (no yuku toshi kuru toshi; Old Year, New Year)
  2. Homely Girl (Music video)
  3. Homely Girl (Lyric video)


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Band member

Scott Shriner chronology
"Last Call"
Scott & Rivers
(Scott & Rivers)
Crash Boom Bang!
(Brian Ray)

The album's liner notes give "band member" credits, as opposed to specifying the musicians' exact instrumental performance.[5]. Band members listed include:


  • Shawn Everett - tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11
  • Daniel Brummel - tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, 11
  • Cameron Webb - track 1
  • Jeff Halavacs - track 3
  • Kevin Rudolf - track 3
  • Takuya Harada - track 5
  • Ben Moody - track 7
  • Barak Shpiez - track 8
  • Allan Grigg - track 9
  • Greg Wells - track 12

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