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ニマイメ cover
Studio album by Scott & Rivers
Released April 12, 2017
Format CD, digital, vinyl
Genre J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative rock
Label SMJ
Scott & Rivers chronology
スコット と リバース (Scott & Rivers) ニマイメ

Nimaime (Japanese: ニマイメ) is the second album by pop/rock duo Scott & Rivers.


The title, Nimaime, is a double entendre. "Nimaime" in Japanese can translate to "handsome man", or "second flat object."[1][2]

In December of 2014, Scott & Rivers released the standalone single "California" (Japanese: カリフォルニア). In 2016, the song appeared on Weezer's eponymous White Album, in English, under the title "California Kids." A new version of the original, Japanese, Scott & Rivers version appears on Nimaime under the title "California Sunshine" (Japanese: カリフォルニア サンシャイン). Later, the song "本音なんだ。" would appear on The Black Album as the song "I'm Just Being Honest". The song "Kaze Fukeba" (Japanese: 風吹けば) was later released on Van Weezer under its original title, "I Need Some of That."

On June 19, 2020, the band's social media accounts uploaded a photo of new CD covers of the album with the band's name in English, suggesting a potential release in overseas territories,[3] though no such release materialized. In October of 2020, the album was re-issued in Japan on translucent orange vinyl.

Track listing

Standard edition
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Bokura no Mirai" (僕らの未来)Rivers Cuomo/Scott Murphy/Josh Alexander/Patrick Lukens 3:43
2. "Doo Wop" (feat. キヨサク (MONGOL800))Cuomo/Murphy/Patrik Berger 3:11
3. "Fun in the Sun" (feat. PES (RIP SLYME))Cuomo/Murphy/Matt Squire/Johan Carlsson/Sam Hollander 3:09
4. "California Sunshine" (カリフォルニア サンシャイン)Cuomo/Murphy/Dan Wilson 3:13
5. "Kaze Fukeba" (風吹けば)Cuomo/Murphy/Alexander/Billy Steinberg 3:11
6. "New Girl" (ニューガール)Cuomo/Murphy/Alexander 2:51
7. "Kimi wa Saikuron" (君はサイクロン)Cuomo/Murphy/Ben Gibbard 3:29
8. "Sukoriba no Tēma" (スコリバのテーマ)Cuomo/Murphy/Marc McClusky 1:36
9. "Hon'nena nda" (本音なんだ。)Cuomo/Murphy/David Hodges 3:25
10. "Hummingbird" (ハミングバード)Cuomo/Murphy/CUTT/YOUTH CASE 3:28
11. "Kawaranu Omoi" (with miwa) (変わらぬ想い)Cuomo/Murphy/miwa/YOUTH CASE 4:29
12. "Pantsu Nugu" (パンツ脱ぐ)Cuomo/Murphy 0:39
Total length:

See also

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