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ハミングバード cover
Album track by Scott & Rivers
Album ニマイメ
Released April 12, 2017
Length 2:51
Label SMJ
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, CUTT, YOUTH CASE
Status officially released
Stream Spotify
ニマイメ track listing
"変わらぬ想い with miwa"

"ハミングバード" (Hummingbird) is the tenth track from the 2017 album "ニマイメ" (Nimaime) by Scott & Rivers.



尊敬の眼差し 僕にないもんばっかり
あっちこっち羽ばたき ペチャクチャさえずり いつもマイペースな君

ちっちゃいからだに 段違いのエナジー
花から花へ 葉っぱを揺らして いつも目が離せない

カフェインみたいに 刺激的なクイーン

飛んで行っても 帰っておいでよ

落ち込んだ時も 君を見てると
めまぐるしくて 笑ってしまって つられて羽ばたいて

お天道様の 申し子のよう

巣立って行っても 帰っておいでよ

誰でも仲良くなる 君は素敵
でも時々 度が過ぎて
マイ ハミングバード

English (Roughly Translated)

Respected gaze, just something I don't have
Flapping here and there, singing pechakucha, always at your own pace

A small body with extraordinary energy
From flower to flower, shake the leaves and keep an eye on them

Exciting queen like caffeine
My little humming bird

Even if you fly, come back
Hummingbird just for me

Even when I'm depressed, when I look at you
She was so dizzy and laughed that she was hung up and fluttered

Like a child of Tendou
My little humming bird

Even if you leave the nest, come back
Hummingbird just for me

Anyone can get along with you
But sometimes it's too much
I don't care
My Hummingbird

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