Indie Rock Road Trip

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Indie Rock Road Trip promo poster by Alec Longstreth

Indie Rock Road Trip was Weezer's headlining 2023 tour, spanning June through September. Opening acts included Modest Mouse, Future Islands, Spoon, Momma, Joyce Manor, and White Reaper.


The set design for each concert featured a car dashboard-themed set, inspired by the cover artwork for "It's Been So Long", with a screen showcasing specially made visuals for each song. These videos were created by illustrator Alec Longstreth and SRND Studios, under the direction of brothers Brad and Brian Palmer.[1]

This tour notably featured "Blast Off!" and "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams" in the regular setlist, which were last played at the Weezer Cruise and Weezer Cruise 2 respectively. Each concert also featured a acoustic set where Rivers Cuomo would play a unique song for each venue, including rarely played songs like "O Girlfriend" and "I'm Just Being Honest".

Tour dates

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