Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation Vol. 1

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Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation
Vol. 1
Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation Vol. 1 cover
Tribute album by Weezer Fan Club
Released Summer 1996
Format cassette
Recorded 1996 (various dates)
Length 58:21

Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation Vol. 1 is a compilation album featuring covers of Weezer songs by members of the Weezer Fan Club. It was compiled by fan club founders Mykel and Carli Allan and released in 1996.


Submission guidelines for the compilation, featured on page 14 of Weezine issue #5


The compilation tape was announced in early 1996 in issue #5 of Weezine (the Weezer Fan Club periodical), by means of a contest. Fan club members were invited to submit their covers of Weezer songs via cassette to be considered for inclusion. The deadline for submissions was June 1, 1996.[1]

Approximately 60–70 covers were submitted.[2] Fan club organizers Mykel and Carli Allan listened to all submissions and deliberated which should feature on the album, eventually announcing a list of 19 selected covers in Weezine issue #7. A cover of "Buddy Holly" by Alcohol Revolution was listed but ultimately not included on the tape.[3]


The selected covers were mastered onto a DAT by Pat Wilson and about 250 cassette copies of the album were produced by a local Portland tape duplication service.[2] An order form for fan club merchandise attached to Weezine issue #7 included the option to pre-order for the compilation for $5. It sold out within 6 months.[2]

A handful of selected covers are by notable people. Daniel Brummel of the band Ozma, who has worked with Rivers Cuomo on numerous occasions, performs "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" under the pseudonym "Chee Chee Boyz". Jose Galvez, also of Ozma, performs "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here". Vish Khanna, host of the indie rock podcast Kreative Kontrol, performs "Mykel and Carli".[4]

Karl Koch praises the tape in Weezine issue #9, writing in his column Karl's Corner "Also really cool is the cover tape! Order one and do yourself a favor! My current favorite is the "Undone" by Ray and Stephen with the 'chamber chorus' voice and violins".[5]

"Come Skating" by Shel Silverstein (1981)


The artwork featured on the cassette J-card is from A Light in the Attic, a book of poems by Shel Silverstein. The illustration on the front of the tape is originally presented alongside the poem "Rock 'n' Roll Band", while the illustration on the back is from "Come Skating".

The inside of the J-card contains credits for each track and a note signed by Mykel and Carli Allan:

When we asked fanclub members to send us their versions of Weezer songs we sure got a lot of tapes! We had a great time listening to all of the submissions. After hours of debate and deliberation we chose these songs to appear on weezer fanclub cover compilation vol. 1.
Well, the tape is finally done. We appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement, it makes this fanclub work. Since we didn't ask permission to make this tape, we should at least thank Weezer for the original inspiration and having songs worth playing. We hope you enjoy this community masterpiece. ♡ Mykel & Carli

Unreleased second volume

Submissions for a second cover compilation were opened in May 1999 in Weezine issue #14.[6] This contest was organized by Karl Koch, who had taken over fan club duties after the passing of the Allan sisters in 1997. Koch hoped to conclude the contest and release the new album by Spring 2000, however an increase in Weezer activity around this time delayed its progress. Koch continued to accept covers through October 2000 via weezer.net, also opening submissions to non-fan club members.[7]

Koch explains this compilation's cover submission guidelines in an FAQ posted on weezer.net:

As far as what is elligible, you can choose anything you want, even including "side" bands' songs . However, the final product will likely be strictly weezer songs only. Also, As Volume 1 was heavy on the Blue album songs, I'm encouraging you to choose stuff from Pinkerton, especially the harder to play songs . (in other words, I've already gotten a ton of "why bother's", but hardly any "getchoos" or "good lifes" . But do whatever you want. if you really kick ass, how could i exclude it? And as for the "new" songs, you are free to tackle these if you want to, but realize that we dont even know whats going to end up on the new weezer cd yet, and if you tried a song that didnt make it, it wont be elligible for the covers tape/cd.

The sequel never saw release. It is unknown how far into production the album was before work on it ceased.

Track listing

No. TitlePerformed by Length
1. "Say It Ain't So"  Stump 4:03
2. "In The Garage"  Superglue 3:23
3. "My Name Is Jonas"  Grendel 3:08
4. "Jamie"  Night Drivin' Mike 5:06
5. "Mykel & Carli"  V.Khanna 2:38
6. "Undone (The Sweater Song)"  Ramblin' Beach Guys 2:24
7. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  J.Galvez 2:30
8. "No One Else"  Flerp 3:06
9. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"  Chee Chee Boyz 1:44
10. "Say It Ain't So (Pixiegirl Mix)"  The Palpatines 5:37
11. "My Name Is Jonas (Puberty Mix)"  UFOA 3:22
12. "Surf Wax America"  Codename:E=MCfresh 2:54
13. "Susanne"  The G-Strings! 2:47
14. "Undone (The Sweater Song)"  Ray & Stephen 4:07
15. "Mykel & Carli"  Pillowcase 2:23
16. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  T.Digregorio 3:19
17. "Holiday"  The Hadens 3:24
18. "Surf Wax America"  UFOA 1:36
Total length:

Expand to see the full list of credits listed on the cassette.

Numbers next to a performer's name indicate fan club ID.

Thanks, & big sloppy kisses:

  • Pat Wilson - for mastering our pile of tapes onto a very small DAT
  • Rivers Cuomo - for writing the songs that make the whole world sing
  • Matt Sharp - for mocking our efforts with love
  • Brian Bell - for having style enough for everyone
  • Karl Koch - for making our obsession seem like a casual interest

Stump - "Say It Ain't So"

  • Scott McGaughey #1461 – performer
  • Shaun Franklin – performer

Superglue - "In The Garage"

  • Michael Minori #1743 – bass
  • Chris Minori – drums
  • Terry Solomone – guitar, vocals

Grendel - "My Name Is Jonas"

  • Bryan Kaplan #1135 – bass, vocals
  • Eric MacLachlan #1259 – drums, vocals
  • Joe Lindberg – guitar, vocals
  • Jessica Drewing – vocals

Night Drivin' Mike - "Jamie"

  • Michael Cameron #0071 – performer

V.Khanna - "Mykel & Carli"

  • Vish Khanna #1234 – guitar, vocals
  • Dave – organ
  • Dallas – tech-expert
  • Tara – borrowed school equipment

Ramblin' Beach Guys - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"

  • Danny Miller #0546 – guitar, vocals
  • Dave Halperin – keyboard, vocals
  • John Krivit – bass, drums, vocals

J.Galvez - "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

Flerp - "No One Else"

  • Anders Olson #2104 – guitar, vocals
  • Markus Jägerstedt – vocals, drums
  • Martin Gustafsson – bass, jumping

Chee Chee Boyz - "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"

The Palpatines - "Say It Ain't So (Pixiegirl Mix)"

  • Jason Eaton #0862 – voices, guitar
  • Anthony Eaton – drums
  • Jon Speargas – guitar
  • Josh Granger – bass

UFOA - "My Name Is Jonas (Puberty Mix)"

  • Jonathon #1201 – vocals, guitar
  • John Heidenrich #1105 – guitar, vocals
  • Johnathon Twaits – guitar, piano, kazoo, vocals
  • Joe Richins – drums

Codename:E=MCfresh - "Surf Wax America"

  • Jeremy Ferguson #2169 – bass
  • Simon Moore – lead guitar, vocals
  • Chris Simon – rhythm guitar
  • Kyle Baker – drums

The G-Strings! - "Susanne"

  • Eric Violante #0834 – vocals
  • Fets – guitar
  • Tommy Wong – bass
  • Nick The Sticks – drums

Ray & Stephen - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"

  • Ray Patton #1539 – violin, vocals
  • Stephen Jerkins #1111 – guitar, vocals

Pillowcase - "Mykel & Carli"

  • Zach Hoover #0156 – vocals, harmonica
  • Matt Davis – guitar

T.Digregorio - "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

  • Theresa Digregorio #1515 – vocals
  • Pete Cortinas – guitar

The Hadens - "Holiday"

  • Ryan Sotomayor #0908 – bass, guitar, vocals, organ
  • Mike Yunker – drums, sang a little

UFOA - "Surf Wax America"

  • Jonathon #1201 – vocals, guitar
  • John Heidenrich #1105 – guitar, vocals
  • Johnathon Twaits – guitar, piano, kazoo, vocals
  • Joe Richins – drums



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