Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation Vol. 1

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Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation
Vol. 1
Weezer Fanclub Cover CompilationVol. 1 cover
Tribute album by Weezer Fan Club
Released Summer 1996
Format cassette
Recorded 1996 (various dates)
Length 58:21

Weezer Fanclub Cover Compilation Vol. 1 is a compilation album featuring covers of Weezer songs by members of the Weezer Fan Club. It was compiled by fan club founders, Mykel and Carli Allan, and released in 1996.


Submission guidelines for the compilation, featured on page 14 of Weezine Issue #5

The album's formation began when a request for Weezer covers was placed in the Winter 1996 issue of Weezine, alongside an announcement that a number of submissions would be chosen for inclusion in a "Weezer cover compilation tape".[1] Approximately 60–70[2] submissions were sent into the fan club via cassette, where they were sorted through by Mykel and Carli, publishers of Weezine and heads of the fan club. The sisters selected 18 final tracks (originally 19, with a cover of "Buddy Holly" by the band Alcohol Revision having been set to be included,[3] but missing from the final album for unknown reasons) and the submitted tapes were mastered onto a DAT by Pat Wilson, after which around 250 copies were produced at a Portland tape duplication service.[2] The compilation was included for pre-order for $5 by mail order in the Summer 1996 issue of Weezine, selling out within 6 months.[2] The album's cover art is an illustration taken from the Shel Silverstein book A Light in the Attic.

A handful of the covers were submitted by notable figures. Two tracks were performed by members of the band Ozma; Daniel Brummel performs the Angus soundtrack-originated song "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" under the pseudonym "Chee Chee Boyz" (leaving a comical note on his credit: "I can't hit Rivers's high notes"), and Jose Galvez performs "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here". The first "Mykel and Carli" cover, credited to "V. Khanna," is by Vish Khanna, host of the popular indie rock podcast Kreative Kontrol.[4]

A second compilation was planned, and new submissions were requested in the May 1999 issue of Weezine. This round of submissions would have potentially included covers of songs by Weezer side bands, including the Rentals, the Special Goodness, and the Space Twins.[5] However, likely as a result of the earlier death of the fan club founders and slow decay of the fan club thereafter, the album would not be finished.[6]

Track listing

No. TitlePerformed by Length
1. "Say It Ain't So"  Stump 4:03
2. "In The Garage"  Superglue 3:23
3. "My Name Is Jonas"  Grendel 3:08
4. "Jamie"  Night Drivin' Mike 5:06
5. "Mykel & Carli"  V.Khanna 2:38
6. "Undone (The Sweater Song)"  Ramblin' Beach Guys 2:24
7. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  J.Galvez 2:30
8. "No One Else"  Flerp 3:06
9. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"  Chee Chee Boyz 1:44
10. "Say It Ain't So (Pixiegirl Mix)"  The Palpatines 5:37
11. "My Name Is Jonas (Puberty Mix)"  UFOA 3:22
12. "Surf Wax America"  Codename:E=MCfresh 2:54
13. "Susanne"  The G-Strings! 2:47
14. "Undone (The Sweater Song)"  Ray & Stephen 4:07
15. "Mykel & Carli"  Pillowcase 2:23
16. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  T.Digregorio 3:19
17. "Holiday"  The Hadens 3:24
18. "Surf Wax America"  UFOA 1:36
Total length:


Numbers next to a performer's name indicates their fan club ID.

Thanks, & big sloppy kisses:

  • Pat Wilson - for mastering our pile of tapes onto a very small DAT
  • Rivers Cuomo - for writing the songs that make the whole world sing
  • Matt Sharp - for mocking our efforts with love
  • Brian Bell - for having style enough for everyone
  • Karl Koch - for making our obsession seem like a casual interest

Stump - "Say It Ain't So"

  • Scott McGaughey #1461 – performer
  • Shaun Franklin – performer

Superglue - "In The Garage"

  • Michael Minori #1743 – bass
  • Chris Minori – drums
  • Terry Solomone – guitar, vocals

Grendel - "My Name Is Jonas"

  • Bryan Kaplan #1135 – bass, vocals
  • Eric MacLachlan #1259 – drums, vocals
  • Joe Lindberg – guitar, vocals
  • Jessica Drewing – vocals

Night Drivin' Mike - "Jamie"

  • Michael Cameron #0071 – performer

V.Khanna - "Mykel & Carli"

  • Vish Khanna #1234 – guitar, vocals
  • Dave – organ
  • Dallas – tech-expert
  • Tara – borrowed school equipment

Ramblin' Beach Guys - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"

  • Danny Miller #0546 – guitar, vocals
  • Dave Halperin – keyboard, vocals
  • John Krivit – bass, drums, vocals

J.Galvez - "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

Flerp - "No One Else"

  • Anders Olson #2104 – guitar, vocals
  • Markus Jägerstedt – vocals, drums
  • Martin Gustafsson – bass, jumping

Chee Chee Boyz - "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"

The Palpatines - "Say It Ain't So (Pixiegirl Mix)"

  • Jason Eaton #0862 – voices, guitar
  • Anthony Eaton – drums
  • Jon Speargas – guitar
  • Josh Granger – bass

UFOA - "My Name Is Jonas (Puberty Mix)"

  • Jonathon #1201 – vocals, guitar
  • John Heidenrich #1105 – guitar, vocals
  • Johnathon Twaits – guitar, piano, kazoo, vocals
  • Joe Richins – drums

Codename:E=MCfresh - "Surf Wax America"

  • Jeremy Ferguson #2169 – bass
  • Simon Moore – lead guitar, vocals
  • Chris Simon – rhythm guitar
  • Kyle Baker – drums

The G-Strings! - "Susanne"

  • Eric Violante #0834 – vocals
  • Fets – guitar
  • Tommy Wong – bass
  • Nick The Sticks – drums

Ray & Stephen - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"

  • Ray Patton #1539 – violin, vocals
  • Stephen Jerkins #1111 – guitar, vocals

Pillowcase - "Mykel & Carli"

  • Zach Hoover #0156 – vocals, harmonica
  • Matt Davis – guitar

T.Digregorio - "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

  • Theresa Digregorio #1515 – vocals
  • Pete Cortinas – guitar

The Hadens - "Holiday"

  • Ryan Sotomayor #0908 – bass, guitar, vocals, organ
  • Mike Yunker – drums, sang a little

UFOA - "Surf Wax America"

  • Jonathon #1201 – vocals, guitar
  • John Heidenrich #1105 – guitar, vocals
  • Johnathon Twaits – guitar, piano, kazoo, vocals
  • Joe Richins – drums



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