Six Hits

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Six Hits
Six Hits cover
Compilation album by Weezer
Released November 27, 2008
Recorded 1994-2005
Genre Alternative rock
Label DGC/Interscope
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Six Hits
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Alternate Cover
Mexican cover variant
Mexican cover variant

Six Hits is a greatest hits compilation by Weezer.


According to Karl Koch, Weezer's label initially approached the band with the idea of a greatest hits release[citation needed]. Rivers Cuomo, who initially approved of the idea before changing his mind, is said to have subsequently designed the packaging himself[citation needed]. Released exclusively through Best Buy, Six Hits contains two songs from The Blue Album, two songs from The Green Album and two songs from Make Believe. The CD was free with the purchase of any Weezer album or Alone II, but was later available for $9.99, and occasionally on sale for $5.99. The version of "Say It Ain't So" that appears on Six Hits is the 1995 remix version (which replaced the original mix on all versions of The Blue Album pressed since that year). Similarly, "Perfect Situation" is the full-length remixed single version (which is also now the standard LP version on pressings of Make Believe), with the full intro guitar solo (as opposed to the remixed single edit).

A variant of the CD, released in Mexico, features unique packaging with illustrations by Manabu Akishige, who previously wrote and illustrated the manga Go-On!, wherein Weezer's debut album is featured in the plot. The same illustrations were also used for the EP Troublemaker Remixes.

It's speculated that Geffen released the compilation during the 2008 holiday season in an effort to boost sales of Weezer's Red Album, which, as of 2009, was the worst-selling Weezer album. However, similar 'hits' EPs by other acts under the Universal umbrella of labels were also released.

Fan reception

Six Hits became somewhat of a punchline among fans following its release, owing to its apparently low-effort packaging design and song selection. With a list price of $9.99 for just six songs, one could save money by purchasing all of the songs online for less than $6.00. Furthermore, as of 2009, Best Buy locations were loaded with unsold copies of the EP. One fan counted "81 copies of Six Hits to seven copies of an 'actual' album" at his local Best Buy.

Track listing

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo

  1. "Buddy Holly" 2:40
  2. "Say It Ain't So" 4:19
  3. "Hash Pipe" 3:07
  4. "Island In The Sun" 3:20
  5. "Beverly Hills" 3:17
  6. "Perfect Situation" 4:15


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