Happy Hour (The Remixes)

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Happy Hour (The Remixes)
Happy Hour (The Remixes) cover
EP by Weezer
Released January 26, 2018
Format digital
Length 15:26
Label Crush Music, Atlantic Recording Corporation, WEA International Inc.
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Pacific Daydream
Happy Hour (The Remixes)
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Happy Hour (The Remixes) is a digitally released EP which consists of 5 remixes of "Happy Hour", the second single from Weezer's 2017 album Pacific Daydream. It was released on streaming and digital music services on January 26, 2018. Two remixes from the EP were previously released as digital singles.


"Happy Hour" premiered on October 18, 2017 to promote the upcoming album Pacific Daydream. On December 22, a remix of the song by Alex Suarez titled "Happy Hour (Lefti Remix)" was released as standalone a digital single.[1] Another remix, "Happy Hour (Ødyssey Remix)" (alternately rendered with an O instead of an Ø), released on January 12, 2018, also as a standalone single.[2]

On January 26, a full EP of remixes entitled Happy Hour (The Remixes) debuted onto streaming and digital music platforms.[3] It included the Lefti and Ødyssey remixes, alongside a radio mix and two new remixes by THANKS and Eden Prince. The original song and its acoustic remix were not included on the EP. Upon its release, the "Ødyssey Remix" single was unlisted from streaming platforms. The Lefti remix remained available as an individual release on some platforms.

The remix EP's artwork is a streaky, distorted version of the artwork seen in the official "Happy Hour" YouTube video, originally illustrated by LAPRISAMATA. Parts of the edited art were cropped and further distorted to create the covers for the two earlier standalone singles.

Track listings

"Happy Hour (Lefti Remix)" single
No. Title Length
1. "Happy Hour (Lefti Remix)"   2:56
"Happy Hour (Ødyssey Remix)" single
No. Title Length
1. "Happy Hour (Ødyssey Remix)"   2:46
Happy Hour (The Remixes) EP
No. Title Length
1. "Happy Hour (Radio Mix)"   2:55
2. "Happy Hour (Lefti Remix)"   2:56
3. "Happy Hour (Ødyssey Remix)"   2:46
4. "Happy Hour (THANKS Remix)"   3:15
5. "Happy Hour (Eden Prince Remix)"   3:32
Total length:


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