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The following page holds the content that will be "transcluded" (i.e. sent over to) the Main Page as a featured song for October 2023. For assistance with editing, please consult Help:Featured song.

Featured song: "Longtime Sunshine"

"Longtime Sunshine" (sometimes rendered as "Long Time Sunshine") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo. It is the seventh track on Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.

The song was written by Rivers Cuomo in December of 1993 or January of 1994, while visiting his mother for Christmas at her home in Connecticut. The title is borrowed from from a lyric of 1968 song "A Very Cellular Song" by the psychedelic-folk group the Incredible String Band. Cuomo's parents would sing this refrain to him as a lullaby when he was young.

Cuomo later retrofitted "Longtime Sunshine" as a song in consideration for a planned (albeit ultimately unfinished) "rock-opera" concept album, Songs from the Black Hole. Early drafts of SFTBH featured "Longtime Sunshine" as the closing track, intended to be sung by Cuomo as the story's protagonist, Jonas. Though SFTBH would ultimately be scrapped, Karl Koch has noted that "Longtime Sunshine" was originally meant to close Pinkerton. "Butterfly" was recorded on the final day of recording at Sound City in June of 1996 and used instead. Cuomo revisited the song in 1997, recording a home demo in September of that year. During a Memories Tour concert in Austin, Texas on June 7, 2011, Weezer performed the song live for the first time, featuring a new arrangement. The song was played live a number of additional times, including on the Weezer Cruise. The song was brought back for a performance for NPR's Tiny Desk concert series in 2019.

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