The Rat Race

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"The Rat Race"
compilation by Weezer
Album The Right Track: Tunes To Target Cancer
Released February 3, 2010
Recorded 2003
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Brian Bell
Producer Weezer
Status Officially released

"The Rat Race" is a Weezer song recorded in 2003 and released on a charity compilation in 2010.


"The Rat Race" features lead vocals by Brian Bell, and is likely written by Bell. It was recorded during the acoustic "office demo" sessions of 2003. The track was likely recorded on August 3, 2003 at Rod Cervera's studio. The song went unheard by fans until it was released on February 3, 2010 as part of a digital compilation album released by the TargetCancer Foundation titled The Right Track: Tunes To Target Cancer. The track was made available as an MP3 for 99 cents, or as a FLAC for $1.99.

From the charity's website:

The Right Track: Tunes to Target Cancer is a series of concerts, events, and music download opportunities to help raise funds for rare and underfunded cancers. Every month, local, independent, and national artists donate unreleased songs for download exclusively on The Right Track. Your donation will bring you some of the best new music available today – and support research at the forefront of cancer treatment, research to cure all cancers.



It’s been a decade since we first began
A journey into an unknown land
Together we hit, together we admit
Together we rock, together we are ???
All the non-believers and the music haters
While there playing us in their elevators
And we got each other, yeah we got our song
We may fight like brothers 'til we get along

So why won't the world get off our case?
We're tired of this game
So sick of the rat race

There are those who'd rather see us fail
And just electrocute on the third rail
While the press, they tried and poke fun at us
Call us geeks and freaks in a tour bus
All the non-believers, yeah, we'll prove them wrong
While the youth will know the words to every song
To the ones that think that we're not the best
We've been through hell and back and conquered every test

So why won't the world get off our case?
We're tired of this game
So sick of the rat race

Seen a million faces and rocked them all
Gone a billion miles to feel very small
? that we'll leave behind
'Cause our music will stand the test of time
To all our fans who supported us
We are grateful; to you we trust
To the ones who think it's the good life
Who’s to say that they were right?

So why won't the world get off our case?
We're tired of this game
So sick of the rat race

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