Ice Butterfly

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"Ice Butterfly"
Ice Butterfly cover
Single by The Clique
Album Ice Butterfly
Released 1990
Format Cassette
Recorded July 1990 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA
Length 5:54
Label Bartholomew's Bizzare Publications & Productions
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) The Clique and Gary McCagan
Status Released

"Ice Butterfly" is a song written by Matt Sharp for his short-lived musical project, The Clique. The song was released as a maxi-single cassette in 1990.


Sharp ca. 1989

The Clique was formed by Sharp around 1989 or 1990 along with musicians he met through the Black Rock Coalition. According to Karl Koch, the band's sole song, "Ice Butterfly," was written for a TV show of the same name.[1] (purportedly about Nancy Kerrigan).

According to Matt, one day a man came into his workplace in Westwood who claimed to be from NBC, and that he was producing a made for TV movie: "Ice Butterfly, The Nancy Kerrigan Story". Matt was looking for any inroads into the music scene and explained that he was a musician. The man was soon commissioning Matt to “write the theme song for my TV movie”. Matt went gung ho into the project - he had never written a song before or sung before. Borrowing funding from his mother, Matt and his 2 buddies rented a real studio and recorded the track. Soon it was learned that NBC killed the guys project, and the man stopped coming into Matt's workplace. Matt and his gang decided to turn the recording into a cassette "Maxi Single" and try to get it played on local LA college radio, etc. The project fizzled soon afterwards.[2]

Karl Koch, [citation needed]


Track listing

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Ice Butterfly" (Single) 5:32
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Ice Butterfly" (Radio Mix) 5:32
2. "Ice Butterfly" (Instrumental) 5:32



Soft pure conscious in stability
Balanced steady in cautious perfection
A pulse in grace drifted into sweet belief
And it flowed swiftly into the innocence
Warm movement through downy visibility
Comforts virtue continuously fluent
Smooth slipping into confident velvety
Integrity through the eyes of an Ice Butterfly

A tender blush holds itself pristine
Everything brushes into the curious
A quick relief of releasing dignity
The dreamy farewell to the oh-so-precious
Once constant in its flawless quaint beauty
Smiles only when romanced in nostalgia
So courteous to tremble silently
And it numbs the mind of an Ice Butterfly

Cold chapped woken in reality
Fair weather crowd left with their gratitude
Compare your silhouette to how you are perceived
A pitched battle with fresh conviction
Poetic form returned rightfully
White feather plucked from your conscience
Soft pure constant in stability
Integrity through the eyes of an Ice Butterfly

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