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This page in a nutshell: Weezerpedia does not host the MP3 previews used on this site. Instead, they are linked to with permission. Weezerpedia does not allow its users to upload copyrighted song files.

The song previews featured on Weezerpedia are not files hosted on our servers. Instead, they are links to MP3s hosted on other sites. is almost always the source of these files, as that website hosts small, 30 second previews of many popular songs.

How to listen to Weezerpedia's previews

Some Weezerpedia users can listen to these MP3s within their internet browsers. By downloading the FoxyTunes addon to Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, users can use that media player to listen to these files without downloading them. FoxyTunes provides a "FoxyPlayer" that allows users to play the song.

Approval from Karl Koch, Weezer

Karl Koch, Weezer's webmaster and historian, expressed that Weezerpedia can link to these MP3s with Weezer's permission in an email to one of Weezerpedia's administrators in Fall of 2010. Koch stated, on separate occasions:

30 sec previews from are fine...those are all accounted for. long as you arent hosting it [an MP3 of a copyrighted Weezer song], and the host that is hosting is legit, i see no issue. (unless the host site gets mad at you and says stop - which isnt from the band or label in that case, just that host.)

Policy for MP3 links

Weezerpedia does not allow its users to upload copyrighted song files.

All MP3s that Weezerpedia links to need to include their source. When an editor is adding a link into a song's infobox, he/she can choose to add the link as a LastFM link or as an MP3 link (for non-LastFM MP3s). Whenever the LastFM link is chosen, the Infobox template will automatically add in "" below the link, to ensure that each and every MP3 from that site is attributed to its source. For non-LastFM MP3s, editors are required to manually enter in their source for the file.

Please contact Weezerpedia Administrator Jason Boxer at for any MP3-related issues.

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