Back in the Garage

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Back In The Garage
Back In The Garage cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released 1999
Recorded August 21, 1996
Label Trade Mark Of Quality, Y2K Entertainment

Back In The Garage is an unofficial CD released by the labels "Trade Mark Of Quality" and "Y2K Entertainment" in 1999. Tracks 1-16 were recorded at The Garage, London, UK on August 21, 1996. Tracks 17 & 18 were recorded at an unknown date and location, but the bootleg credits it as "Atranta". There are many typos, incorrect song titles, and improper capitalizations on the bootleg's artwork and tracklist.

At the beginning of "Tired of Sex", there was a short cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper".


  1. "undone" ("Undone - The Sweater Song")
  2. "my name is jonas"
  3. "pick triangle" ("Pink Triangle")
  4. "no one else"
  5. "el scorcho"
  6. "in the garage"
  7. "why bother?"
  8. "world has turned" ("The World Has Turned and Left Me Here")
  9. "natural charms" ("Falling For You")
  10. "getchoo"
  11. "say it isn't so" ("Say It Ain't So")
  12. "The good life"
  13. "buddy holly"
  14. "surf sex" ("Surf Wax America")
  15. "tired of sex"
  16. "Jaime" ("Jamie")
  17. "no one else(acoustic)" ("No One Else")
  18. "undone (acoustic)" ("Undone - The Sweater Song")



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