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Background information
Birth name Bek David Campbell
Born June 8, 1970 (age 54)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, record producer
Years active 1988–present
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, synthesizer
Associated acts
That Dog

Beck, (born June 8, 1970) is an American musician and record producer from Los Angeles, California.


Beck has connections to the Weezer-related band That Dog, frequently collaborating with Joey Waronker, brother of Anna Waronker, lead vocalist of That Dog.

Beck and That Dog recorded at Poop Alley Studios, where they collaborated on the song "Totally Confused" from Beck's 1994 EP, A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight. [1] The song features performances from Anna Waronker, Petra Haden, and Rachel Haden, who are all credited as That Dog. [2] The song was played live alongside Waronker and Petra Haden at an April 19, 1994 performance at the Troubador in West Hollywood, California. [3] Further Beck and That Dog collaborations at Poop Alley Studios include the song "The World May Loose Its Motion" and an alternate take of "Girl Dreams" from Beck's 1994 album, One Foot in the Grave, which appeared on The Poop Alley Tapes as "Girl of my Dreams". Both songs are covers of songs by Carter Family. [4] [5]

Beck also performs banjo on an acoustic version of the That Dog song "Silently", which appeared as a b-side of the 1997 "Never Say Never" That Dog single, as well as on the 1998 benefit compilation Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli.

Beck's father, David Campbell, arranged the string section on the Weezer song "Always" [6], which appeared as the b-side to the "Island in the Sun" single.

Relevant discography

as Beck

with That Dog


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