Never Say Never

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"Never Say Never"
Single by that dog.
Album Retreat from the Sun
Released 1997
Format CD
Recorded 1996
Label DGC
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer Brad Wood and that dog.
Status Officially released
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"He's Kissing Christian"
"Never Say Never"
"Old LP"
Retreat from the Sun track listing
"I'm Gonna See You"
"Never Say Never"
"Being with You"

"Never Say Never" is a 1997 single by that dog., and the second track on the band's third album, Retreat from the Sun.


"Never Say Never" is arguably the band's biggest hit, albeit a minor one at best. A video and CD single were issued to promote the single. The single's B-sides include "Little Miss Riding Hood" (exclusive to this release), and an acoustic version of "Silently", a song originally from the album Totally Crushed Out!. This version features Beck on accompanying banjo, and also surfaced on the 1998 benefit compilation Hear You Me! A Tribute To Mykel And Carli. Former Go-Go and Anna Waronker's sister-in-law Charlotte Caffey plays guest keyboards on the lead track.

Music video

Track listing

  1. "Never Say Never"
  2. "Little Miss Riding Hood"
  3. "Silently" (acoustic)



I was blind as a bat
And still knew where you were at
I was deaf and dumb
And still knew that you're the only one

I could show up at your door
And still know what you're looking for
I could wait in your line
And if you had no money I'd give you my last dime

I never (never, never) took it out
No, I never (never, never) took it out on you
No, I never (never say never) take it out on you

Never say never

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