Bella Neurox

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Bella Neurox
Bella Neurox cover
Studio album by Petra Haden and Miss Murgatroid
Released 1999[date?]
Format CD
Recorded Jackpot! Recording Studio
Genre Rock, folk, world, country
Length 39:09
Label W.I.N. Records
Producer(s) Miss Murgatroid, Petra Haden, Larry Crane
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Bella Neurox
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Petra Haden chronology
Bella Neurox
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Bella Neurox is the second album by Petra Haden under her own name, and the first made as a duo with Miss Murgatroid. It was released in 1999[date?]. The pair would go on to release Hearts & Daggers in 2008.


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Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "King Of Swords"   4:41
2. "Chill In The Air"   4:13
3. "Theme For The Sleepless"   4:40
4. "Duet For Vox (Fancy)"   3:39
5. "Cat And Mouse"   4:24
6. "Jasper And Charlotte"   3:58
7. "Lullabye For James"   1:24
8. "Bella Neurox"   5:34
9. "Hour Glass"   4:19
10. "Train"   2:17
Total length:


  • Petra Haden - Violin, mandolin, vocals, additional production, piano (credited as "occasional")
  • Miss Murgatroid - Producer, accordion, vocals
  • Larry Crane - Producer, recording, mixing
  • Gabe Leavitt - Cello (tracks: 3, 8)

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