Bigger Better Bolder Brighter

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Bigger Better Bolder Brighter
Bigger Better Bolder Brighter cover
Studio album by AM Radio
Released November 15, 2009
Recorded January - March, 2009
Genre Pop/Rock
Length 50:47
Label Self-released
Producer(s) AM Radio
AM Radio chronology
Bigger Better Bolder Brighter

Bigger Better Bolder Brighter is the 3rd album by AM Radio. It was the first proper studio album by the band to feature the current lineup of Jason Moore and Kevin Ridel.


Ridel described their writing process for this album on the band's MySpace blog:

"We're using a new songwriting formula for this one. First, Jason writes and records the music. Then he sends it over for me to sing and put lyrics to. It's really a fun and inspiring process. J's tracks make me stand up and shout, "Yea!""

In the same blog entry, Ridel called the album's title "ironic," because of their choice of producer. He said:

"The working title "Bigger Better Bolder Brighter" is ironic in that we are recording the entire album on our home computers, as opposed to using an expensive studio with a big budget producer."

Track listing

All songs written by Jason Moore and Kevin Ridel.

  1. What In The World - 4:30
  2. Buy American - 4:15
  3. Simple Things - 3:24
  4. Met Her On Myspace - 3:09
  5. A Little Faith - 3:37
  6. Amazing Potential - 3:38
  7. Fiction - 4:01
  8. Reset - 4:13
  9. Leave Me A Loan - 3:41
  10. Public Service Announcement - 4:19
  11. Wickedness - 4:08
  12. Caffeine High - 2:45
  13. Wow - 5:05