Buzzy Baby

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"Buzzy Baby"
Buzzy Baby cover
Album track by Heretix
Album The Adventures of Super Devil
Released 1993
Recorded Squid Hell
Mastered at Masterworks
Length 5:37
Label CherryDisc Records
Writer(s) Brian Hill
Status Released
The Adventures of Super Devil track listing
"Buzzy Baby"

"Buzzy Baby" is the eighth track on Heretix's third album, The Adventures of Super Devil.


"Buzzy Baby" features both former Heretix member Eric Hill and then current Heretix member Mikey Welsh on bass. In the credits of The Adventures of Super Devil, Eric Hill is credited as playing "bass" on the track, while Mikey Welsh is credited as playing "fuzz bass".

A recording of a phone message (supposedly from a friend of vocalist Ray Lemieux's) is featured at the end of the song.


  • Ray Lemieux (guitar, vocals)
  • Brian Hill (guitar)
  • Eric Hill (bass)
  • Mikey Welsh (fuzz bass)
  • Marvin Huffman (drums)



I try to stop, I bite my own ears off
I'll shake my head to get you out
Out on the floor and you say "buzz"
And you say "buzz"

Oh, buzz

Buzzy baby, buzzy girl
Oh, buzzy baby
Buzzy, buzzy girl

I try to start but your mouth sings
Oh, say anything, oh, say anything
It gets so heavy, and you say "buzz"
You say "buzz"

Oh, buzz

Buzzy baby, buzzy girl
Oh, buzzy baby
Buzzy, buzzy girl

On the ride inside my head roars
My eyes are shot, the bedroom turns
My will is eaten, now I'm dead
The atmosphere has turned to lead

Buzzy girl has caught my leg
The grip is good, I start to shake
Nothing to do but turn and beg
The ride inside my head

Buzzy baby, buzzy girl
Buzzy baby

Ray, it's Chip.
It's Saturday night, like, three in the morning, two my time, three your time.
I'm in Milwaukee, um, I got laid off.
I just drank a fuckin' minnow.
I joined the minnow club, I'll show you the t-shirt when I get back.
My friend got married, I'm pretty fucked up, I had to call someone.
Oh, I think I'm gonna throw up.

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