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Devo performing in 2010, left to right:
Gerald Casale , Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh
Background information
Origin Akron, OH
Years active 1973–1991
Genre(s) Rock, New Wave
Label(s) Warner Records (1973-1984)
Enigma (1988-1990)
Warner Records (2010-present)
Current Members
Gerald Casale
Mark Mothersbaugh
Bob Mothersbaugh
Josh Freese
Josh Hager
Former Members
Bob Casale
Bob Lewis
Rod Reisman
Fred Weber
Jim Mothersbaugh
Alan Myers
David Kendrick
Jeff Friedl

Devo is an American rock band from Akron, Ohio that formed in 1973


Devo have been influential to the members of Weezer, including Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp, Jason Cropper, Patrick Wilson, Karl Koch, Mikey Welsh, and Scott Shriner. Devo was one of the bands (along with the Cars and Gary Numan) that influenced Weezer's, the Rentals, and Space Twins use the Moog synthesizer.

Musicians Josh Hager and Josh Freese, who have both toured as members of the Rentals and Weezer, respectively, are current members of Devo.