Fuck Beat

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"Fuck Beat"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded April/May 1990
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 45
COR# 13
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Fuck Beat"
"Spinal Jam"

"Fuck Beat" (also rendered as "F*ck Beat" or "F**k Beat") is a demo by Rivers Cuomo, recorded in April or May of 1990.


"Fuck Beat" was recorded by Rivers Cuomo in 1990 while living at Poinsettia Place in Los Angeles. In a "Vault Dive" over the video streaming platform Zoom with members of the Weezer Fan Club in 2020, Karl Koch listed the song as one of ten tracks on a 4-track demo titled Getting Late. In November of 2020, the song's title was among thousands listed on the in-progress demo storefront on Cuomo's personal website.


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