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Demo by Weezer
Recorded November 1991
Length Unknown
Writer(s) Jason Cropper, Rivers Cuomo, Karl Koch, Patrick Wilson
RC# 100
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"I Think It's Pretty Cool"
(RC# 99)
(RC# 100)
"I Will Poop On Their Car Seats"
(RC# 101)

"Gokuh" is a 1991 demo recorded by Karl Koch, Rivers Cuomo, Jason Cropper, and Patrick Wilson.


"Gokuh" was a song writing experiment. Rivers Cuomo, Jason Cropper, and Patrick Wilson were all given a drum track and set of lyrics recorded by Weezer historian Karl Koch, and instructed to write a song from it. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a Japanese magazine called Gokuh. Koch described the song on the All Things Weezer forums in 2008.[1][2]

An example of a Gokuh issue.

Gokuh was created in response to a Japanese girlie magazine of the same name (now defunct apparently) that our Japanese roomate (rivers karate partner, etc) brought to the apartment one day back in '91. It was full of classic engrish, but all porn style. the "philosophy" of the magazine was "Women provoke an era. And the counterattack to them by men will begin by means of Gokuh". that became the main part of the lyrics for the "song", which was actually an experiment i got Rivers, Pat, and Jason to do, where i laid down drums (drum machine) and they were not allowed to listen to anyone elses tracks when they added their parts. so all the vocals, bass line and guitar parts have nothing to do with each other, but everybody had to use the same lyrics, interpreting the cadence, melodies etc their own way, without knowing what everyone else was doing. Then Rivers mixed it down and it was done. To call it a serious song is an insult to serious songs. But if you hear it and dont laugh then you are probably dead.

Fortunately i still have "THE" issue that the song was inspired from. containing such articles as "CONFRONTATION! Photographers Vs. Glossy Models", "How to be the guy getting called 'Goldfinger' by gals", the graphic piece "The Map of Part" apparently summarizing the minute details of the female organ for the inexperienced, and the morbid editorial "My Fetus is Dead By Traffic Accident".

and NO, im not making a word of this up!!! best magazine ever published?
- Karl Koch, All Things Weezer forum post, 2008[1][2]

During a Stickam chat with Albumsix users, Koch played "Gokuh" in its entirety.[citation needed] No recording is currently known to exist in fan circulation.

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