I Will Poop on Their Car Seats

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"I Will Poop on Their Car Seats"
Demo by
Recorded September 19, 1991
Length Unknown
Writer(s) Karl Koch, Pat Finn, Rivers Cuomo
RC# 101
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 100)
"I Will Poop on Their Car Seats"
(RC# 101)
"Crazy rock and rollers"
(RC# 102)

"I Will Poop on Their Car Seats" is an unreleased song from 1991.


Karl Koch described the song in a Weezerpedia interview on October 3, 2008:

Weezerpedia: Other than "I Will Poop on Their Car Seats", can you name three Weezer songs that the fans need to hear?

Karl: They don't need to hear that song. That's a horrible song [...] That song was really a collaboration between our old buddy Patrick Finn who was really down and depressed about this girl who had broken up with him. And we went over to Rivers' little studio [...] on Urban Avenue on West L.A. and, I dunno, everybody was just in a bizarre mood. [...] I think I put down this horrible drum beat on this drum machine. It was so bad--intentionally bad [...] stop-and-start. It sounded like a whole bunch of drummers, like, drunk and, like, dying. And then Pat started moaning about this girl and Rivers was putting all these horrible effects on it, and just, like, twisting and adding all these guitar parts. I think even Jason came in and some point and started, like, making huge fart noises with his hands. [...] It's horrible, but it's funny."

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
I Will Poop on Their Car Seats September 19, 1991[1] 2914 Urban Ave., Santa Monica, CA
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