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Gone with the Ghosts

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Gone With the Ghosts
Gone With the Ghosts.png
Background information
Years active 2005
Website Myspace
Former Members
Daniel Brummel
Mark Nathan
Bryan Bowden
Ian Richardson

Gone with the Ghosts (formerly Death at Sea) was a short-lived rock band consisting of Daniel Brummel on vocals, Mark Nathan on guitar, Bryan Bowden on drums, and Ian Richardson on bass/guitar.


An album was planned but never materialized. The band only ever released seven demos, in alphabetical order they are:

  • "Hell or High Water"
  • "Laymans Luck 16bit"
  • "Nadja"
  • "On Silverlake"
  • "Statuesque"
  • "Strange Coincidence"
  • "Television"

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