He Drinks Beer

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"He Drinks Beer"
He Drinks Beer cover
Album track by Karlophone
Album I Must Find This Karlophone...
Released 2007
Length 5:18
Label Amorphous Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Released
I Must Find This Karlophone... track listing
"He Drinks Beer"
"Now Comes a Decision"

"He Drinks Beer" is the first track off the second Karlophone album, I Must Find This Karlophone....


In a tweet made in 2012, Karl Koch seems to imply that the vocal sample used at the beginning of the track is sourced from an archived answering machine message belonging to a member of his family.[1]


Samples used

Location in song Source Author Album Year Link
Opening spoken segment Answering machine message[1] unknown unknown n/a

For a full list of known samples from Karlophone songs, see List of Karlophone samples.

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