Historic event: 04/13/1992

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show #4: "No Bozo Jam" night, The Whisky A-Go-Go, Hollywood

...this was weezer's 4th show. As with the second show on 3/30, it was a short set 'no bozo jam'. There were apparently no flyers for this show, possibly due to the fact that these shows were notoriously difficult to influence the outcome of, there being 10+ bands on the bill on a given night. It was sort of a 'get in, do your set, and get out' vibe. Also due to the show being just $3, people tended to show up without much prodding.

This show was 'bootlegged' by Karl, who used a cheap handheld voice recorder to capture the show.

set list:

lets sew our pants together
theif, youve taken all that was me
the world has turned and left me here

The Whiskey, today

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