Historic event: 06/25/1993

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Weezer signs record deal

This was the day when Weezer signed its recording contract with DGC (Geffen) records. The efforts of the band had paid off after 18 months of writing, rehearsing, recording demos, playing out, and promoting themselves thru any tasteful means available. Todd Sullivan had made the deal happen on his end, convincing the Geffen higher ups to have a go at this essentially unknown band.

In what is normal for such deals, what the band actually signed that day was a "pre-signing agreement". This is essentially a promise by the band to sign a contract that at the time still needed to be drawn up by DGC and approved by Weezer's lawyer.

Within hours of the signing, Rivers would write several songs in a burst of confidence and elation, including "Buddy Holly" and "In The Garage".

The next month and a half would consist of mostly equipment buying, band rehearsals, and vocal singing lessons and practices. They had a little under 6 weeks to get an album's worth of material nailed down solid. They wouldn't end up choosing a producer nor recording studio untill they had been rehearsing for a few weeks.

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