Historic event: 09/01/1993

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Brian Bell joins weezer during blue album recording

Blue Album recording sessions - New York City - August, September, October 1993

Original guitar player Jason Cropper was asked to leave the band during the recording sessions, and was replaced by Brian Bell, who had to send in an "audition" tape, so the guys could see if he could sing. Jason's guitar tracks were re-recorded by Rivers, and his backing vocals were re-recorded by Brian, except when Brian was too unfamiliar with the material to get it just right, in which case Rivers stepped in. The only track that wasnt changed was "Mykel and Carli", which was abandoned due to a lack of time to finish it. "Mykel and Carli" would later be entirely re-recorded, for the b-side everyone later heard on the "Undone" cd single [and much later on the 'Hear You Me' tribute compilation.]

brian's playing and singing appears on every officially released weezer recording except for "jamie" on the dgc rarities cd.

note: previous info posted for this date was erroneous. apologies for any confusion.

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