Historic event: 12/11/1992

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weezer show #36: Club Lingerie, Hollywood

Club Lingerie was located on Sunset Blvd, a good deal east of the Sunset Strip, more in the center of Hollywood. It was in the rock business for many years before being taken over and is now some sort of gentlemen's club or something. This was one of several Lingerie shows in the '92-'94

This was the last gig weezer played in '92. Several band members went to spend the holidays with their families. Also on the bill was Carnival Art, who included future Weezer guitar player Brian Bell at the time. Brain met Rivers and Matt at this show, and they all hit it off well. Rivers and Matt were impressed with Brian Bell's playing, and Brian was likewise impressed with the weez. Their memory of this event would play a major role for weezer in another 10 months.....

Club Lingerie started having a video camera guy ["Video Bob"] on hand by this time, who would take overly special effected videos of bands shows, if bands ponied up $10 or $15 for the tape. However weezer [sadly] didnt take him up on his offer this show.

By this time the band was starting to gel a bit, and the shows were actually sounding halfway decent. It was around this time that they were approached by Restless Records for a recording contract. Restless was eventually turned down because the deal was quite small, and the band were [correctly] hoping that once one label made an offer, other, bigger labels would come sniffing around. It was also around this time that the band looked for a lawyer, eventually signing with Jamie Young.

setlist: unknown

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