I Admire You So Much

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"I Admire You So Much"
I Admire You So Much cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone II
Recorded September 5, 2001
Length 0:46
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer Rivers Cuomo
Status Released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"b) Song"
(RC# 666)
"I Admire You So Much"
(RC# 667)
"Poor Beggar's Son"
(RC# 668)
Alone II track listing
"Walt Disney
"I Admire You So Much"
"My Day Is Coming"

"I Admire You So Much" is a track from "Alone II".


I Admire You So Much was written in praise of Kevin Ridel of the band Am Radio. Rivers Cuomo wrote the song because he was impressed with Ridel's ability to "churn out emotional, personal and catchy songs so effortlessly," as said in the Alone 2 booklet. It is recorded in The Encyclopedia of Pop as "Experiment #333" and is an example of Cuomo's IAEVC and "Incipit-Melody-Guitar-Develop-Tea" methods of writing songs. It appears on The 4 and 5 star demos of Rivers Cuomo, but does not appear with "Alone II" marked next to it. It was added to the track listing later.


Rivers Cuomo - Guitar, vocals


I admire you so much
In the morning time our hearts will touch
Hold on, hold on
'Cuz I've never needed anyone like this
You never needed me, I never needed you
And that's the way you are

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