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Inches cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Like Nobody's Business
Released 1989
Recorded 1988/1989
Length 3:43
Label Spineless Voodoo
Writer(s) Carnival Art (music), Michael P. Tak (lyrics)
Status Officially released
Like Nobody's Business track listing
"Dancing Earth"

"Inches" is the first track from Carnival Art's 1989 album "Like Nobody's Business."


Been fortified, been petrified
Been walking planks for all my life
Call this admission, my act of contrition
Please to be seated, inches from breaking

So open wide, you're qualified and
Pacified for the long ride
Fighting institutions, fighting this pollution
Another resolution, inches from breaking

Will she rescue me
Will she rescue me

Like a Lion's roar, it's hard to ignore
When you're counting tiles on the bathroom floor
Call it a sickness, call it a weakness
I'll call it something, it's inches from breaking

Been on the wagon, been screaming and nagging
Been burned by my own hand and the breath of a dragon
Call it wishful thinking or a result of the drinking
Next to the bar and inches from breaking

Will she rescue me
Will she rescue me

If I climbed your mountain, if I sailed your seas
Would you believe me, would you believe me

Every heart like a ladder
Rope or net, doesn't matter
Come together, then scatter
Rescue me

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