Like Nobody's Business

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Like Nobody's Business
Like Nobody's Business cover
Studio album by Carnival Art
Released 1989
Length 41:59
Label Spineless Voodoo Records
Producer(s) Carnival Art
Carnival Art chronology
Like Nobodys Business

Like Nobody's Business is the debut album by Carnival Art, released in 1989.


Like Nobody's Business was released in 1989 and featured the original line-up of Carnival Art, prior to Brian Bell joining. The album features Shane Paul Rhody, who would later be replaced on guitar by Ed Dobrydnio as Bell entered the band as a bassist.

The album was released exclusively on vinyl as the first of two releases by Carnival Art on Spineless Voodoo Records.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Michael P. Tak. 

Side Uno
No. Title Length
1. "Inches"   3:43
2. "Dancing Earth"   3:02
3. "Cool Dry Place"   3:17
4. "Angel of Mercy"   4:17
5. "Velvet Elvis"   6:58
Side Dos
No. Title Length
6. "Indian Giver"   4:04
7. "For Sale"   6:05
8. "7 Day Divorce"   2:14
9. "Skin"   2:59
10. "Parade of Fools"   5:20
Total length:

"Cool Dry Place" and "Dancing Earth" are listed incorrectly as tracks A2 and A3 respectively on the album's track listing, but appear swapped on the actual record.


  • Michael P. Tak - lead vocals and guitar
  • Ed Dobrydnio - bass
  • Keith Fallis - drums and vocals
  • Shane Paul Rhody - guitar, vocals
  • Keith Woods - background vocals on "Angel Of Mercy"


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