Karl's Corner - 02/21/2012

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2012/02/21 Rock Music News for Tuesday

Several items in todays roundup of the known, unknown, and known to some, starting with a show announcement - the first "post Cruise" confirmed weezer show of 2012 is the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Saturday July 14. Tickets are on sale now! More info on the Bunbury Festival website, here.

...Brians band The Relationship is going on tour in March. They will be opening up for Rooney's Robert Schwartzman, who is doing a solo thang. The tour kicks off in San Francisco on March 15th! See The Relationship's website for all the dates and details!

...Weez fan and Cruise goer Travis posted up a great article with pix of "10 Pieces Of Homemade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise". Check it out, its got some pretty epic fashion statements and clever stuff in it...

...Mikala Taylor, known as @backstagerider on Twitter, is pretty close to the Sebadoh camp and attended the Weezer Cruise. She wrote an extensive and pretty funny 4 part diary of her experience on the Cruise. While its somewhat Barlow and party oriented, its a fun read and has plenty of good Weezer observations in it. Check it out.

...Also see her Cruise review on NME.com, as well as her photo gallery on Consequence Of Sound.

...and while were talking Cruise reviews, here's the Guardian's. And the latest issue of Kerrang has a review too.