Karl's Corner - 04/20/2001

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Happy Birthday to Mikey, who turns the big 3-0!

...Japan show #5: Hiroshima. Dan the Lighting Man sez..."We played Hiroshima yesterday and the venue was about a half mile from the hypocenter of the A-bomb, 4 blocks from the peace museum. The park was beautiful and full of hope for peace, but the museum itself was really heavy. Steve (video projectionist) was walking around and had a few freaky moments when little Japanese students would come up and say 'hello' to practice their english. Just a heavy juxtaposition."

...and Marie from Osaka, who is attending almost all of the shows in Japan, sez: "This was a really fun show! Before the encore started, Pat got up and played "the birthday song" on bass guitar for Mikey. Everyone in the audience joined in and sang along! Then Atom brought in a birthday cake. After Mikey blew out the candles, Atom smashed the cake over Mikeys head! So Mikey played the encore with cake and frosting all over his head and bass!"