Karl's Corner - 05/25/2006

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05/25/06 rockers galore

Bryce D., photography © 2006

*UPDATE 6/4* - A recent Press Release from the new Interscope Records subsidiary Suretone includes mention of a Weezer Greatest Hits album due later in '06. However, we must state here that this info was released very prematurely, and it may or may not end up being the case. Whomever supplied this information had no business speaking on the bands behalf. While yes, there is talk amongst the band of a greatest hits record, the band has NOT confirmed it nor scheduled any time to record new songs. When this (or any) weezer news is *for sure* it will be posted here first.

*UPDATE 5/31* - Brian sez he will be playing the classic Go-go's song "Our Lips Are Sealed" onstage with original Go-go member Jane Wiedlin, tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 PM at Hollywood's Viper Room. So be there at 10 for some new wave magic crossed with the magic of Brian Bell.

...The new People Magazine on the newsstands tomorrow (Friday 5/26), includes a feature on Rivers, focusing on the Harvard scene and all that smooth jazz. So far as we know, it will *not* be put online, but you never know about this stuff...

...In addition, look for an interview piece on the world o' Rivers on ABC's primetime news program "World News Tonight", on Sunday, June 4th.

5/28 *UPDATE* - the info was suspect as it turns out, and the ABC World News Tonight Rivers piece was actually played tonight - however, you can watch the (apparently complete) clip online here.

...as for the Great weezer.com Rivers Fan Interview 2006, the final question tally came in at a whopping 120 questions, all of which were organized into various categories and then sent on to Rivers. Rivers reports that he wont be able to sit down and concentrate on the interview till after June 4th, and once that process begins, we have no idea how long it will take him nor if he will tackle all the questions or not. But he is excited to dive in and see what you guys had to ask! Thanks again for coming up with so many good questions.

...While Prince won the PETA "Sexiest Vegetarian" poll this year that both Rivers and Brian were nominated for, Brian's mother was interviewed about this (somewhat odd but deserved) honor for the 5/5/06 Knoxville News-Sentinel. The story is online here.

...thanks to Luxembourg Weez fan Tom P., a wee bit of Luxembourg press (in the 'Voix Du Luxembourg') for Weezer at last...

...Weezer vs... Hendrix? Yikes! But you know what to do...

...today's picture is of the nephew of weezer fan Bryce D., whom Bryce has clearly gotten off to a healthy musical start!